Practice what you want
Friday, February 17, 2012 - 11:56 am

Responding to (“Church is out of touch,” Sound Off, Feb. 8-14) I agree that the Church has unpopular and “non-politically correct” views on these subjects: when life begins, contraception, reproductive rights, and the LGBT community. The Church is perfectly within its rights to hold these positions without considering what is popular or politically correct. The Church has traditions which it does not have to bend, break, or disregard for those parishioners who do not want to practice them. Being a member of the Catholic faith or any other religion is not mandatory! The separation of church and state in this country gives the church the right to operate as they wish. Further, the church does offer assistance in raising unwanted or unaffordable children: it’s called the Gabriel project. The Church would never turn away anyone in need (even people in the LGBT community). If you want to be a practicing Catholic and do not believe in every position the church has, as I do, than practice what you want and resist what you don’t. It’s really about you and your relationship with God, not the Church!