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Congressional candidates Elise Stefanik and Tedra Cobb are both eager to see the economy restart, but disagree on how to assist the public.

Cobb, a Democrat from Canton who is challenging Stefanik for the 21st Congressional District, says the unemployment bonus benefit, which puts an extra $600 into the pockets of those receiving unemployment must be extended.

Republican Stefanik opposes extending the unemployment benefit. She says it’s time instead to incentivize working. She said in speaking with local businesses, a major problem she has heard is they are having trouble finding help, because the unemployment benefit pays more than their wage or salary.

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Lawmakers are expected to decide in the coming weeks on a possible second stimulus payment for citizens. A second round of stimulus payments passing Congress is likely dependent on how well the economy is doing and if politicians think direct payments is the best way to help the recession.

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