Thu., Jan. 21, 2021  •  St. Lawrence County, NY


North Country Assemblyman Mark Walczyk expressed opposition to legislation that would force the detention of New Yorkers alleged of carrying communicable diseases for up to eight business days, or longer pending a court order. The bill was originally introduced in response to an individual who flaunted an Ebola diagnosis, but given the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has raised new concerns about the impact it could have on New Yorkers if enacted.

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Drivers in St. Lawrence County and across the state who can’t afford to pay a traffic fine in full will now be able pay via installments following a new law. They will not risk losing their license due to that debt. The Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act ends the practice of suspending the licenses of people who haven’t been able to pay their fines in full. It will also allow people who currently have suspended licenses because of traffic debt to get them back.

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