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5 tips to staying on track for students headed to college in the fall

Chalkbeat lists the five things students can do this summer to make it easier for them as they head to college in the fall.

Jason Gonzales for Chalkbeat
Yesterday at 11:00 AM

How to move stocks and transfer brokerages, stress-free

Money.ca explains how to transfer funds from one brokerage account to another.

Martin Dasko
3 days ago
Managing your money

What does brand loyalty look like now? Why businesses are revamping their customer rewards programs

Task Group analyzed Deloitte's 2024 retail industry outlook report to see how well customer rewards programs can strengthen brand loyalty.
Wade Zhou
3 days ago

Rideshare driver? Here's why your regular insurance isn't enough

If you're a rideshare driver, CheapInsurance.com explains why regular car insurance may not provide adequate coverage and how rideshare insurance protects your income and car.
John Davey
4 days ago

10 high-impact tips to protect yourself from fraud

Spokeo provides a number of simple and quick tips consumers can take to help reduce the risk of becoming fraud victims.
Fred Decker
4 days ago

A self-made billionaire's advice for lotto winners: Cash or annuity?

Benzinga reviews Shark Tank's Mark Cuban's advice on why lottery winners should opt for an annuity paid over time rather than a lump sum in winnings.
Kaili Killpack
5 days ago
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Why Gen Z college students feel more financially insecure than ever
BestColleges reports that with so many economic factors to consider, Gen Z college students feel more financially insecure than ever.
Mark Kantrowitz
5 days ago
Best places to live in America
Stacker compiled a list of the best places to live using Niche data, which ranks places based on factors such as the cost of living.    
Aine Givens, Andrea Vale, Data Work By Luke Hicks
Monday, July 8
U.S. metros where financial advisor income has grown the most
SmartAsset ranked 295 metro areas based on the change in median income for advisors in 2023.  
Jaclyn DeJohn
Monday, July 8
15 of the richest self-made teenagers in the US
Stacker has compiled a list of 15 teenagers, from actors to influencers to bakers, who have created their own opportunities and wealth.
Dom DiFurio
Wednesday, July 3
Don't forget homeowners insurance for your new home
CheapInsurance.com answers questions about homeowners insurance coverage and provides cost-saving tips.
John Davey
Wednesday, July 3
Needs-based salaries are upending workplace norms
Reasons to be Cheerful reports that a growing number of organizations are challenging conventional ways of paying workers to make salary structures more equitable.
Anna Patton for Reasons to be Cheerful
Wednesday, July 3
Laws and loopholes still perpetuate school segregation across America
The 74 reports on loopholes, laws and lack of protections allowing Black, brown, low-income students to be excluded from America's most coveted schools.
Marianna McMurdock - The 74
Wednesday, July 3
Which U.S. states have the highest and lowest cost of raising a child?
SmartAsset ranks the cost of raising a child in each state by comparing the living expenses of a household with two working adults and one child to those of a childless household with two working adults.
Jaclyn DeJohn
Monday, July 1
Why are schools that banned generative AI now embracing it?
Numerade analyzed survey data and news reports to find out how schools are regulating the use of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT.
Wade Zhou
Thursday, June 27
84% of U.S. educators actively use AI in the classroom
Study.com examines how educators in the U.S. have changed their minds about artificial intelligence.
Grant Policar
Thursday, June 27

Freelance Like a Pro: Insider Tips from Millionaire Freelancers on Fiverr

(BPT) - As freelancers, we are at a major impasse within the larger future of work conversation. Freelancing has been booming around the world, with millions of professionals opting for the …
Tuesday, July 2

The best cars to sell this summer

CarGurus has identified the best vehicles to sell in the summer of 2024 based on their average listing price change year-over-year.
Matt Smith
Thursday, June 27

Top 4 common commercial insurance claims and how to handle them

Next Insurance lists the main reasons small businesses file commercial claims and explains how the process is handled.
Kim Mercado
Thursday, June 27

Gen Z credit scores on the rise along with debt balances

Experian examines Gen Z's consumer debt and credit patterns compared to other generations.
Chris Horymski
Wednesday, June 26
More news about money
What documents do I need to sell my car?
CarGurus provides a checklist of the paperwork and documents needed to sell a vehicle.
Natalie Harrington
Wednesday, June 26
7 strategies to manage money better and hit your financial goals
Benzinga offers tips to assess and increase your financial intelligence.  
Jordan Robertson
Wednesday, June 26
The fastest-growing small businesses of 2024
Next Insurance compiled a list of the fastest-growing industries to explore for career opportunities using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and research firms.
Kim Mercado
Tuesday, June 25
How personal loans are being used in states across the country
Rocket Loans analyzed the use of personal loans throughout the country to find out how they are being used and where they are most popular.
Lauren Nowacki
Tuesday, June 25
Many Business Owners Lack a Succession Plan
(NewsUSA) - America’s business owners are facing increasingly complex challenges, not only tracking the nuts and bolts of the daily tasks that come with owning a business, but keeping up with …
Tuesday, June 25