How many of these celebrity Gen Z influencers do you know (besides Kylie Jenner)?

Collabstr forecasts the year's top young influencers.
Taylor Young
4 days ago
How to get cast on 'Love Is Blind'
Backstage details what it takes to be a contestant on "Love Is Blind."
Anna Papachristos
Monday, May 13
10 of the best movies about the Olympics
Casino Bonus CA identified the 10 best-made and historically rich films about the Olympics, with stories of underdogs, high stakes, and hope.
Sofia Voss
Monday, May 13
Celebrities who you may not know are serious golfers
PrimePutt compiled a list of celebrities who you may not know are serious golfers using reports from Golf Monthly, Golf.com, and more.
Katrina Sirotta
Thursday, May 9

With Beyoncé's 'Cowboy Carter,' Black country music fans are front and center, at last

The 19th reports on Beyoncé's country album, the latest effort in a long fight to disrupt the erasure of history in the genre.
Candice Norwood, The 19th
Friday, May 3

20 iconic rock songs written on the spot

Stacker compiled a list of 20 iconic rock songs written on the spot, consulting historical records, music charts, and magazine interviews.

Colleen Kilday
Wednesday, May 1

The 10 most shocking underdog wins at the Oscars, based on odds

VegasSlotsOnline looked at betting odds data from Sports Odds History to determine the biggest Best Picture underdog winners in Oscars history.

Brianna Zigler
Monday, April 29

10 highly anticipated shows to satisfy every type of reality TV fan

Using information from news reports, OLBG has created a list of 10 of the most highly anticipated reality TV shows premiering in 2024.

Cu Fleshman
Monday, April 29

Movies and TV shows casting across the US

Backstage compiled a list of movies and TV shows casting across the US.

Jaimie Etkin
Wednesday, April 24
Entertainment 2023
The 20 greatest Best Picture nominees that don't get enough credit
Casino Bonus CA looked at all films nominated for Best Picture and narrowed the list to those that didn't win and had under 50,000 votes on IMDb.
Katrina Sirotta
Wednesday, April 24
15 of the most inspiring actor comebacks of all time
Stacker used The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair, and more online sources to compile a list of 15 inspiring actor comeback stories.
Brianna Zigler
Tuesday, April 23
20 hit songs you may not know were written by music icons
Stacker compiled 20 hit songs between 1960 and today that were written by someone other than the singer, using various sources.
Zuri White-Gibson
Friday, April 19
5 tech advancements sports venues have added since your last event
Uniqode compiled a list of technologies adopted by stadiums, arenas, and other major sporting venues in the past few years.
Jake Kring-Schreifels
Friday, April 19
10 pop culture moments that destigmatized weed
Stacker takes a look at 10 pop culture moments that destigmatized weed, using a variety of sources such as IMDb, CannabisNow, KQED, and more.
Olivia Monahan
Monday, April 15

10 celebrities who have broken into the cannabis business

Stacker researched and created this list of 10 celebrities who have found success within the growing cannabis industry thus far.
Cu Fleshman
Wednesday, April 10

Taylor Swift’s homage to Clara Bow

One track on Taylor Swift’s new album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” honors a long-celebrated, oft-miscast heroine of American feminism: actress Clara Bow. As historians of the 1920s, we’ve studied Bow’s fame and her cultural legacy.
Deirdre Clemente, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Annie Delgado, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, The Conversation
Monday, April 15

The most popular US poker players of all time

Clubs Poker compiled a ranking of the most popular U.S. poker players of all time using unique page view data since Jan. 1, 2008, from The Hendon Mob.

Mike Taylor
Monday, April 8

How reality dating TV shows have changed since the 1960s

OLBG hit rewind on reality dating TV shows to discover just how much they've changed over the last six decades, using news reports and studies.

Madison Troyer
Thursday, April 4

The prison soul band that opened for Stevie Wonder

The Marshall Project looks back at when more Americans saw incarcerated people as more than their crimes—and the soul/funk band The Power of Attorney flourished.

Maurice Chammah for The Marshall Project
Wednesday, April 3
20 panned movies that went on to become cult classics
Stacker combed through film history to highlight 20 films that received mixed-to-negative reviews upon release but were eventually reappraised.
Brianna Zigler
Wednesday, April 3
The most important voice on Beyoncé’s new album
Country musician Linda Martell at her home in South Carolina in 2021. Sean Rayford/Getty Images One of the most impressive parts of Beyoncé’s new album, “ Cowboy Carter ,” is her roster of …
William Nash, Middlebury, The Conversation
Tuesday, April 2
Survey reveals Hollywood's 10 most popular celebrities
Way.com uses Statista data to find out which famous celebs are most popular.
Jeannie Assimos
Tuesday, April 2
5 celebrities famous for throwing epic parties
From costume balls to Christmas Eve soirées, Peerspace compiled a list of five epic parties and the celebrities who threw them.
Madison Troyer
Wednesday, March 27
10 celebrities who you may not know are serious poker players
Clubs Poker compiled a list of 10 celebrities you may not know are serious poker players, using data from The Hendon Mob.
Katrina Sirotta
Tuesday, March 26