Does lane changing get you there faster?

Lane changing may seem like a time-saver, but the data, according to Cheapinsurance.com, shows it may not be worth the risk.
John Davey
Tuesday, January 16

3 ways the automotive aftermarket can tackle growing challenges

(BPT) - The world of online commerce has provided more options for businesses and consumers. For the automotive aftermarket industry, it has allowed retailers to source tires, parts, and services …

Yesterday at 10:55 AM

Does your car insurance cover a rental while your car is repaired? Here's what to know before filing a claim

Cheap Insurance navigates the winding road of auto insurance coverage and rental reimbursement.
John Davey
Thursday, February 22

States where people own the most motorcycles

Cheap Insurance compiled a ranking of the states with the most motorcycle owners using data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
Mike Taylor, Data Work By Karim Noorani
Thursday, February 22
Experts provide tips to avoid becoming a distracted driving statistic
(BPT) - Multitasking has become the theme of the decade as people try to balance work, family and social obligations in a world where time seems to be shrinking while the number of things to do is …
Tuesday, February 20
Chicago Auto Show Features What’s New in Automotive
(BPT) - The Chicago Auto Show has something for every driver — the newest models and special editions, advancements in safety and technology and even a glimpse into the vehicles of the future. …
Tuesday, February 13
Seventy percent of U.S. drivers don’t know this vital winter driving fact
(BPT) - Seven in 10 American drivers are unaware of a vital piece of information. All-season tires aren’t built to drive in all four seasons.It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true: The …
Tuesday, February 13
How a new Subaru partnership is providing warmth, confidence and hope to kids this winter
(BPT) - As cold weather moves across much of this country, winter coats, shoes and socks are a necessity that most of us may take for granted. But with 40 million people living in poverty according …
Tuesday, February 13
New Year, New Vehicle for EcoCAR EV Challenge Teams
(BPT) - This fall, students participating in the EcoCAR EV Challenge returned to their garages to kick off the second year of the four-year collegiate competition. The EcoCAR EV Challenge, sponsored …
Thursday, February 1
Electric Vehicle Innovation to Power Homes
(BPT) - Electric vehicle technology is accelerating at a rapid pace. Surprisingly, there are ways that EVs are being used for more than just getting from point A to point B.At this year’s …
Thursday, January 18

The 50 top-selling used cars in the United States so far in 2024

CoPilot analyzed national sales data to uncover the 50 top-selling used cars in the United States
Cole Miller
Tuesday, February 13

Electric vehicles are suddenly hot − but the industry has traveled a long road to relevance

In 2023, more than 7% of cars sold in the United States were electric vehicles. In some parts of the world, such as Norway, the percentage was a whopping 20%. In California, where I live, almost 60% of people looking for a car in 2021 said they would at least consider getting an EV. …

Hovig Tchalian, University of Southern California, The Conversation
Wednesday, February 14

Bringing AI up to speed – autonomous auto racing promises safer driverless cars on the road

The excitement of auto racing comes from split-second decisions and daring passes by fearless drivers. Imagine that scene, but without the driver – the car alone, guided by the invisible hand of artificial intelligence. …

Madhur Behl, University of Virginia, The Conversation
Wednesday, February 14


(CHARLOTTE, N.C. (January 31, 2024)) - Helpful    Hint from Auto Glass Now: Pouring Hot Water on a Cold, Icy Windshield Is not a Good SolutionWintry weather, gray skies, snow and sleet can limit …

Monday, February 12

These car insurance providers have the highest market share in each state

Insurify mapped car insurance providers with the highest market share by state, using data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Natalie P. McNeal, Data Work By Paxtyn Merten
Thursday, February 8

These are the 10 most popular electric cars in America, according to Edmunds

Edmunds breaks down the 10 most popular electric vehicles in the US  

Reese Counts
Wednesday, February 7
More automotive news
States where road conditions are deteriorating fastest
TruckInfo.net used Bureau of Transportation Statistics data to map the 20-year change in the share of roads in "acceptable condition" in each state.
Colleen Kilday
Monday, January 29
Where are all the convertibles in the electric vehicle boom?
The General analyzed data from S&P Global Mobility to illustrate the disappearance of the drop-top in today's lineup of EVs.
Dom DiFurio, Data Work By Emma Rubin
Monday, January 29
The 6 best electric- and gas-powered vehicles of 2024, according to Edmunds independent testing
Based on independent testing, Edmunds' 5th Annual Top Rated Awards determines the best electric- and gas-powered vehicles of 2024.
Jodi Tourkow
Friday, January 26
Abra Achieves Remarkable 40-Year Milestone and Unveils Another Mile, Another Milestone Campaign
(Charlotte, N.C. (January 22, 2024)) - In celebration of an extraordinary 40 years in the industry, Abra, a distinguished leader in collision repair, embarks on a new chapter with the launch of its …
Monday, January 22
Navigating 2024's new and proposed car laws
Way.com explains driving regulations at the federal and state levels being proposed in 2024 and how they may affect drivers across the country.
Xavier Sabastian
Friday, January 12
More car stuff

Are you driving next to a death trap? Data shows millions of dangerous recalled vehicles are unrepaired

ConsumerAffairs found that an estimated 7 million cars with urgent "do not drive" and "park outside" recalls have not been fixed.
Jill Castellano
Thursday, January 11

Best-selling vehicles of 2023: What stood out

Way.com ranks a comprehensive list of the top-selling vehicles in 2023.
Aaron Marshall
Thursday, January 11

These states have the best fast-charger network for electric cars

To see which states are best positioned for the transition to electric vehicles, SmartAsset ranked states by the amount of DC fast chargers – which provide the closest equivalent to a trip to the gas station, in terms of "refueling" – per capita.
Jaclyn DeJohn
Wednesday, January 10

When will a speeding ticket show up on insurance?

CheapInsurance.com takes a closer look at how and why speeding tickets can impact your car insurance premiums, and your ability to find cheap insurance.
John Davey
Wednesday, January 10

The 8 most widespread vehicle recalls this year

Insurify identified the eight recalls affecting the most motor vehicles in 2023, using data from the Department of Transportation.
Cassidy Grom
Wednesday, January 10

Car insurance costs are rising faster than overall inflation—here's a closer look

CheapInsurance.com compared overall inflation to the rising cost of car insurance and identified reasons that costs are spiking using BLS data.
Paxtyn Merten
Monday, January 8

These 25 U.S. cities are the most dangerous for drivers

As the national death toll from speeding rises, the highways and byways in these 25 places pose the greatest danger.
Alex Rivera
Tuesday, January 2

(Family Features) Rising costs for new cars and an aging fleet of vehicles on the road go hand-in-hand and, for most drivers, this means staying on top of vehicle maintenance is crucial. Yet even maintenance has become more difficult as the cost of parts and labor increase, leaving drivers with a sometimes daunting list of automotive DIY projects or parts to source when their mechanic is out of stock.
Thursday, December 28, 2023
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