A number of local elections will now be moving to even-numbered years after Governor Hochul signed legislation in hopes of boosting participation in those elections. The new law, which was signed around the Christmas holiday, moves the majority of town and county elections that were previously held during odd-numbered years to even-numbered years. In doing so, those elections will fall at the same time as state and federal elections that historically have a significantly higher voter turnout. According to state officials, voter turnout in New York State was around 64% in 2020, the most recent presidential election. That figure declined significantly in 2021, when local elections were held, to just 25%. Do you support moving a number of local elections to even-numbered years?

Governor Kathy Hochul has signed legislation that largely outlaws some hunting and fishing competitions in an effort to curb 'the wasteful taking of certain wildlife.'  In a press release issued by the governor’s office, Hochul said the legislation targets contests, competitions, derbies and tournaments held for prize money or entertainment.  The new regulations will go into effect in November 2024. Do you support a new law banning some hunting and fishing competitions in New York State?