Opinion: Living in era where minority rules, says Norwood man
Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 10:26 am

Is it me or have we entered a time in our lives that the minority rules rather than the majority?

I believe that everyone has a “stake and a say” in every Life situation and the laws that govern us all.

It seems to me that during the past few years that the minority groups with media support are trying to dictate to the majority in our Country what needs to be done to exist as a society.

Gender reform, Pride flag flying and equal pay for sports contenders to only name a few examples.

Today I was delivered a copy of North Country “This Week”. One of the front page headlines states: “Vaccination Change Impacts Dozens in Area.”

Why wasn’t the headline: “Dozens impact Thousands of St. Lawrence Residents concerning Vaccination Change?”

Doesn’t majority still rule in our society?

Bob Haggett