Victim blaming
Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 8:19 am

In response to "Provocatively dressed" which appeared in the Jan. 17-23 issue of North Country This Week: Shame on you for victim blaming. Men and women both make a choice when making the decision to sexually assault another person. A scantily clad woman does not force a man to sexually assault her. Period. Form fitting clothing does not force a man’s senses to make him commit sexual assault. It is not the victim's fault for being sexually assaulted. Ever. The decision to commit the act rests solely in the conscience of the aggressor. By continuing to blame women for wearing provocative clothing, you are marginalizing every victim of sexual assault and making it socially harder to come forward with an accusation since the victim may believe society will find a way to blame her for being assaulted. This is not to say the aggressor’s life should be ruined hands-down. The punishment should fit the crime.