Move if taxes too high
Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 12:34 pm

Gasoline is expensive. We all feel the hurt. You know, it must be that the cashiers are paid too much. The last restaurant I went to charged a bit too much too, in my opinion. Must be that the waitresses are paid too much. Daycare costs too much, utilities cost too much, my car insurance costs too much. Why don’t I demand to know the salaries of every place I do business with? I’m paying their salaries if I hand them money, right? Do I pay your salary somehow? Can I complain publicly that you make too much? I should, right? Of course not. Then why is it that people feel it necessary to complain about teachers and law enforcement over something as rude and petty as salary? Complain about something substantial like poor service. And if you feel forced to pay via taxes then move.