Potsdam mayor asking village residents to fill out, return community survey
Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 2:25 pm

POTSDAM --- Potsdam Mayor Steve Yurgartis is asking village residents to fill out and return the community survey mailed to them earlier this month.

Yurgartis said the SUNY Potsdam Institute for Applied Research, which will process the surveys, would like to have all of the surveys mailed to them by March 1.

The survey will be used to gauge residents’ opinions and attitudes on issues in preparation for a new comprehensive plan for the village. Local volunteers will devise a draft plan to help guide the village’s land use and other policy decisions over the next decade.

This is the first time that a formal survey will be used in the comprehensive [planning process.

Residents who have received the survey can complete the paper version and mail it in, or answer the questions online at http://village.potsdam.edu, clicking on Online Survey and entering the user ID number from your paper copy of the survey.

People from households of more than one adult may pick up an additional copy of the survey at the Potsdam Planning and Development Office in the basement of the Civic Center, 2 Park St.

“We appreciate the time that folks have taken to respond to this survey and for those who have not yet completed it, please take a few minutes to respond,” Mayor Yurgartis said.

Questions about the survey may be directed to Dr. J. Patrick Turbett, Potsdam Institute for Applied Research, at [email protected] or 267-2718.