Hoping to understand what residents want for future, Village of Potsdam mails 2,000 surveys
Saturday, January 28, 2012 - 6:49 am

POTSDAM -- The Village of Potsdam has mailed surveys to nearly 2,000 village households as part of the its 2012-2022 Comprehensive Planning process.

“The survey will help us understand what residents want for the future of Potsdam,” said Mayor Steve Yurgartis.

The mayor noted that the survey was prepared and the results will be analyzed by SUNY Potsdam’s Institute for Applied Research headed by Dr. J. Patrick Turbett.

Yurgartis said that a comprehensive plan helps to set a strategic course for the over a 10-year period.

“The village board uses the comprehensive plan to help establish village policies, to guide land use decision-making, and to identify pressing community needs that should be addressed during the term of the plan,” said Yurgartis.

He said that by developing a rational plan for the future, he believes that Potsdam can continue to improve on its reputation for being a great place to live, work, study and play.

The comprehensive planning committee composed of 15 volunteers who reside in the village and a town representative. The committee is staffed by the Planning and Development Office.

The 20-question survey seeks information on residents' opinions about the future of the village, the village’s strong and weak points, land use, recreational facilities and programs, economic and community development, the many options that were laid out in the “Alternatives to Dissolution” section of the 2010 Dissolution study, and civic participation.

Residents responding to the survey can do so by completing it on the internet or sending it in by mail.

Households containing more than one adult can receive additional surveys by contacting the village offices at 265-1670.

“While completing the survey is entirely voluntary, I hope folks will take a few minutes to complete it and help us put together a good plan,” said Mayor Yurgartis.

For more information about the community survey, contact Dr. Turbett at 267-2718 or [email protected].