Canton parents create web site to fight state education funding cuts, organize lobbying effort
Friday, February 17, 2012 - 11:42 am

CANTON – Faced with yet another year of massive budget and staffing cuts, the Canton High School Parent Group has created a web site to encourage parents to lobby legislators in Albany.

The site is aimed at keeping residents informed of budget issues and organizing them into an action group to work with state legislators.

As the budget picture appears now, as many as 44 jobs would be cut from Canton schools to accommodate increasing expenses and what is viewed as inadequate support from the state.

According to an email message to parents, the web site will

• provide information regarding the budget issues facing Canton Central School district

• help launch a letter writing campaign to state representatives

• provide names and addresses of our representatives

• share sample letters and factual information that can be used in personalizing letters

• link to a Facebook page for public comments

• link to an online petition that the parents hope will attract parents to sign to show support for the school’s efforts to get legislators’ help in avoiding cuts to personnel and programs.

The first pages of the web site are available at The Facebook link and online petition are available with the letter writing section to come soon.

They are also planning to host tables at several upcoming events at school to advertise the website and the letter campaign. They hope to inspire parent volunteers to help.

“We will be placing paper petitions at area businesses to collect signatures from community members as well,” the message said.

“Your help in this campaign is crucial to getting the word out there to the community that we need to get all of the support that we can to make any changes in the outcome of the budget situation,” said the message.