Taxpayers already pay for Norwood services
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 12:27 pm

To the Editor:

Here’s to the “Who will Pay?” author (Sound Off, Feb. 22-28). First of all, you’re an adult, act like one, sign your name.

Second the facts are: Norwood already has a DPW, a council, a supervisor, a hall, and clerk.

And already has fire protection, workers comp and all the items mentioned. Why do you think there’s a need for 3 assessors?

A township doesn’t have to own heavy equipment; there are other options. Because the town of Potsdam does those ridiculous measures doesn’t mean they’re best business practices.

How the town of Potsdam has been “managed” is the factor in why the residents of Norwood have begun to pursue this avenue. The way the town council and supervisor have used and maligned the residents of Norwood to pay for their over the top, spend and spend some more attitude (for example the town hall was voted down but is being built anyhow), is what you need to grasp.

There’s no comprehension on the part of the supervisor or the council members that a “No Vote” is the voice of the majority. They just don’t care; your understanding of this will shed light on why the residents of the village of Norwood and the surrounding area are ready to determine our own destiny.

Why do you propose there will be multiple lawsuits and litigation? It sounds like your attempting a scare tactic. Believe me there’s very little more terrifying than living under the current reign of the town of Potsdam.

If this goes through, the town of Potsdam will have lost a cash cow. No more river front properties to support the township.

Passage could catalyze the village and town to play nice, acting like responsible adults.

The village of Potsdam could be self-sustaining if they got revenues from taxing property held by private entities. In the village there’s more than 3 million in assessed value that goes untapped year after year.

As for your “burning” last question...taxes and death...two certainties. One you can control the other you can’t. Therefore the logical response: control taxes in order to live a better life, in which you’re not working yourself to death to pay taxes.

These facts are what you need to think through. If you’re still inclined to write, be sure to sign your name, take ownership. It’s one of our rights we still have left.

Tracey E. Haggett-Sloan