Opinion: Tedra Cobb is what I want in a candidate, Winthrop resident says
Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 10:51 am

To the Editor:

Having been petitioned by several groups to endorse a candidate for the Democratic Primary, I was unsure of who to choose.

I asked myself:

What do I want in a candidate? I answered myself: Someone who could beat Stefanik; trustworthy-honest; someone with some experience in government on a local level; someone who has business experience and someone with roots in a rural area.

A lot of people I know & respect have known Tedra Cobb for many years and she has their support. Tedra meets my criteria # 3 through #5, but I wanted to know why my friends thought she could win (#1) and what they thought more specifically.

So I reached out to them and found they all had similar things to say: She leads in bringing people together and finds common ground. That skill is imperative in today’s world; she’s a good organizer and leader; she can stand up to opposition; ethical; true to her core values and walks her talk

Most jobs come with a list of criteria required to even apply. Why not some of the most important positions in our government?

If you, like myself, feel this election is a must win, you must choose who you feel has the best chance of winning.

Don’t choose because you like or know them or they agree with one issue or even all issues. If they can’t win, it is moot. I urge everyone to think about what you believe are the best criteria, requirements to be able to beat Stefanik and be effective in Washington.

I’ve done just that. I’ve picked Tedra Cobb!

Carol Simpson