Opinion: Shame on corporations for overcharging for gasoline, Canton woman says
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - 9:42 am

Your gas price article “Average price of gas in St. Lawrence County is 35 cents higher than national average” posted Feb. 11th got me to thinking.

So, I took a quick survey of gas prices in St. Lawrence County via my Facebook friends and here are the actual gas prices as of Feb. 11th. Thanks to all who gave me input.

Canton- $2.77-2.78,

Colton- $2.78,

Gouverneur- $2.67-2.69,


Norwood- $2.79,

Ogdensburg- $2.82-2.84,

Potsdam- $2.79,

Star Lake-$2.57,

Tupper Lake- $2.85

As you can see, Ogdensburg seems to be the area charging the most. Shame on those corporations stealing/over-charging.

Star Lake and Gouverneur are the best places to buy gas in St. Lawrence County.

So plan your purchases folks and if you are traveling to a place where prices are lower than in your area. Don’t overpay!

Some folks have traveled outside of SLC and say that in Watertown they are $2.59-2.63, Akwesasne reservation $2.63, Alex Bay $2.63, Webster $2.41.

Natalie Aldrich