Opinion: Pedestrians feel ignored over sidewalk surveys, says Potsdam resident
Friday, July 19, 2019 - 6:42 am

In response to “Potsdam Surveying Sidewalks” which appeared in the July 3-9 issue of North Country This Week: It is gratifying to hear about the grant to study the condition of sidewalks in the village.

I applaud the use of local university faculty and students to do the work documenting and photographing the location and condition of every 5-foot block.

The 'purely pedestrians' among us often feel neglected, perhaps ignored, in a village which at times seem to be somewhat overly 'automobile oriented.'

However, waiting for money from outside organizations or government programs to begin such work in an age of cellphone selfie madness and economic constraint makes me wonder why 'aware' village officials did not take the initiative to contact property owners, renters, and residents along the affected pedestrian thoroughfares and ask for the exact same information long ago.

Perhaps this winter, when the ice and snow remains un-cleared on these same sidewalks for days, making walking hazardous and difficult for days or weeks, the same method might be employed to reduce injuries, frustration, and anger among those who are forced to walk in the roadways.

Maybe photographs of almost every crosswalk blocked by ignorant and often verbally abusive, law-breaking drivers (with time stamps and GPS coordinates) could be used to help make our village safer, friendlier?

Yeah, right.

Andrew McDermott