Opinion: No intention to clear-cut land south of SH 72, says Hopkinton town councilwoman
Friday, February 9, 2018 - 8:30 am

To the Editor:

In response to “Residents Need to Voice Opinion on Wind Farm” which appeared in the Feb. 7-13 issue of North Country This Week: The writer says that “the only reason to try to take land south of 72 out of the wind overlay is to stop this project. Period! Our new council member says that Avangrid will clear-cut it. Not true. That area has already experienced some timber removal by the owners,” On the contrary, at my first board meeting I stated that I was told by (former town councilman) Greg Crump that the county forester was going to clear cut south of 72.

Not believing this, I contacted both the state and county foresters to ask them. Both confirmed there was no intention to clear-cut.

Nor any plan to help Avangrid with access roads.

I reported this at the meeting and you should find it in the meeting minutes.

And as far as vibration, although I believe they cause vibration, I have never publicly stated this.

No one has the right to lie publicly without being called out on it.

Kelly Pullano

Hopkinton town councilwoman