Opinion: Attacks on Stefanik are tiresome and wrong, says Lisbon man
Thursday, January 23, 2020 - 9:38 am

This is response to the many letters published the County Democrats. Your constant attacks on Congresswoman Stefanik are both tiresome and flat out wrong. Need I remind you that she has not only worked with, but been criticized for working with your party. In fact she worked with former President Obama by writing a partial fix to your hot mess called Obamacare. Which he in fact signed into law.

Moving on I constantly hear your Bromides about defending the Constitution and Democracy. Well let's just dig into that falsehood. Defend the Constitution? Except if a Conservative exercises their 1st Amendement rights, you call for banning it as hate speech. You support the Constitution except you've done everything to decimate the 2nd Amendment.

Which you want law abiding gun owners jailed, but pass laws to let violent criminals roam free. You support the Constitution except our President has no 6th Amendment right to face his "false" accuser. You support the Constitution except your Party nearly unanimously voted against 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. You support the Constitution except you want to abolish the Electoral College. You say you want to support the Constitution by defending Democracy.

Well unfortunately you have read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence because the word Democracy does not appear in either document! So maybe you should read before you speak.

Finally every week your group trashes Congresswoman Stefanik because she is doing her job. I do sympathize with your dilemma because let's be honest Tedra couldn't win if she ran unopposed. But you fail to realize the importance of what the Congresswoman is doing. Yes she is defending our President and very well I might ad! But the true importance of what she is doing is not just defending the President.

She is defending the institution of the Presidency! From you!

Russ Finley