Opinion: 21 st Congressional District candidate warns not to be deceived by Congress
Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 8:32 am

To the Editor:

Our young adults and gun owners 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights are under assault. The political discussion is now to deny 18 to 20 year old the right to buy guns, to ban assault style weapons (weapons that look like assault rifles but are not) from all law abiding American Citizens, even ban semi-automatic weapons which include pump shotguns and lever action rifles, and finally universal background checks which mean that as a father or grandfather I now have to go through a licensed arms dealer to pass down my rifles and weapons to my son or grandson.

Don’t be deceived by their tactics; it’s about infringing on our rights period! Congress continues to undermine our Constitutional Rights by passing bad legislation (i.e. FISA Reauthorization ACT, Patriot ACT, and so forth) and now both parties are about to do it again with the gun control discussion. Politicians key in and take advantage of fear and emotions to erode our rights and liberties. What do they and others do not understand when our Constitution 9th and 14th Amendments deny the Federal and State Governments to infringe on our rights?

It’s amazing that the government deems the 18 to 20 year old responsible to serve their Country but not own rifles and handguns. Such hypocrisy is laughable. The leftist culture even claim it’s the right of any child to decide what sex they are and have an operation to change their sex; but not to own a weapon when they are 18 to 20. Wow! More hypocrisy and it doesn’t end there as you know.

I advocate that we start to elect officials that pass legislation based on our Constitution and who will revoke previous laws that violate it. My plea to the young 18 to 20 year old, and any law abiding Americans; you have a choice to vote for representation to protect your constitutional rights. That representation is the Constitution Party. Be a part of our movement to secure your rights and the future rights of our descendants. The time for a third party is now!

Jeffrey French

Constitution Party candidate for 21st Congressional District, Natural Bridge