Proposal under review to add two electric vehicle charging stations in Canton
Friday, August 16, 2019 - 5:16 pm

North Country This Week

CANTON -- The village board and attorney are reviewing a new bid proposal from Apex Solar of Queensbury to install two electric vehicle charging stations in the village parking lot on the east side of Hodskin Street.

The village received a bid at its meeting last month from Apex in partnership with Chargepoint, a California company that produces charging stations. Under the specifications in this first bid Apex will install the stations which will be provided by Chargepoint, said Village Trustee Klaus Proemm who presented the proposal to the village board at a meeting Tuesday, July 30.

In this initial bid from Apex, the municipality had anticipated paying around $145 for one station and around $280 for the other, however those may not the final figures, Proemm said.

The low cost to the municipality is made possible by a NYSERDA grant which could be as high $8,000 for a level 2 charger with two ports like one of the stations the village plans to install. Other costs of the project will be covered with up to $35,000 in a rebate from National Grid.

Final cost and rebate amounts will be released once the contract between the municipality and Apex has been signed.

One station will be a fast charger which can top off an EV battery bank in about 45 minutes. The other will be slow charge station which will take several hours to charge a car battery.

“The fast charger is sort of a new deal for everybody (in NNY). Our hope is that it will encourage more EV travel, as it will make it more feasible to charge up on a trip (just as you would fill up with gas on a trip). Cutting down on charging time should make a big difference here. ‘Build it and they will come’ is our bet,” said Proemm in an email Aug. 9.

Slow EV charging stations are already in place at SUNY Canton, St. Lawrence University and Clarkson University in Potsdam.

The village anticipates have the chargers in place sometime this fall.