Ogdensburg Walmart grant aids United Helpers
Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 1:38 pm



Mosaic Vice President of Operations Michele Montroy with Ogdensburg Walmart Manager Steven Simpson.

OGDENSBURG – United Helpers recently received a grant from the Ogdensburg Walmart for UH’s apprenticeship program.

That program provides direct support professionals who work with people who have developmental and intellectual disabilities, and traumatic brain injuries.

The support will help with paid classroom and on-the-job training, and professional growth opportunities within United Helpers’ Mosaic division.

United Helpers’ Vice President of Operations for Mosaic Michele Montroy recently met with Ogdensburg Walmart Store Manager Steven Simpson to thank the store for the grant that UH was chosen to receive as part of the store’s 2018 community grants program.

The apprenticeship program at United Helpers began in 2018 and is certified by the Department of Labor. Recently, a Department of Labor representative visited and spoke with each student in the United Helpers program, noting that it is the only program of its type in the region that he oversees. The Department of Labor told UH itsis impressed that such a new program is running so well already.