DC consulting firm opening office in Potsdam
Thursday, October 28, 2010 - 9:12 am

POTSDAM – A Washington, D.C. firm is opening an office in Potsdam to help corporations and legal offices around the country keep track of the mountains of data that can be generated in the course of regulatory compliance cases, general business litigation, and other work that can use such a service.

Alan Brooks, vice president of marketing for eTERA Consulting and the manager of the new office at 26 Market St., says he could have set up shop anywhere, but he chose Potsdam because this is where he and his wife want their two boys to grow up.

eTerra Consulting specializes in helping firms assess their needs for document and data tracking and storage, such as court filings, depositions, and research, and then helping them to manage it.

Brooks says he is interviewing people for two positions in the office, and he expects to add a third in the spring. There will also be a couple of college intern slots next semester.

Those working in the office will solicit business from around the country and set up appointments for salespeople.

eTERA started up in 2004, and was recently named to the Inc. 500 list of the nation’s fastest growing companies.

Brooks says he moved here with his family from New Jersey after becoming familiar with Potsdam through his parents. He says his folks moved here about 20 years and had a dairy farm, and while he was grown and didn’t spend a lot of time here, he came to like the area.

“It was a family decision. My wife and I moved here so we could raise our two boys in the country. I was established enough to work where I choose to live.”

Brooks says this is the first office like this in the company, although about one-third of the employees work from remote locations.

“We believe in telecommuting, but this will be the first office with more than one person.”

Brooks says the company knows of his appreciation for the community “and it’s enabled me to give back to the community and bring a few jobs with me.”

Brooks expects the office to be up and running early in November.