Time for change
Friday, January 5, 2018 - 7:55 am

How long are the people of Norfolk going to turn a blind eye to how things are in this town. Example: The field day used to be family event — now it’s a beer tent and food that goes well with beer. It doesn’t grow because no one wants to bring their family there, especially after dark at the block dance. No one can seem to change the event, or has tried to. Stores have a dwindling selection. The ones I know don’t sell at least a phone charger. There are a lot of people in town who don’t drive or can’t. Even Winthrop has a Dollar General and a Stewart’s. We don’t need to become a city, but we can do a lot better than we are. I’ve felt for a long time there is nothing I can do, but if we band together I believe we can change things. I am inspired by new highway superintendent Pete Darabon, great guy, grew up in town, fireman, second generation town worker, and has worked here and given most his life to this town. If we can get more people like him into our offices our town has a chance.