Dozens remembered through West Potsdam memory tree
Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 6:47 am

To the Editor:

The West Potsdam Fire Department and First Responder Unit would like to thank all those who donated to the First Responder Memorial Tree.

Listed are those who made donations to the West Potsdam First Responder's memorial tree and their loved ones names whom the donations were made in:

Jane and Tom Plastino family remembering Pearl Gilson, Paul Haggerty, and Cecil Matthie; Mary Akley remembering Leroy Akley, Stacy Ann Dominy, Charles & Alice Desmond, Bob and Ella Desmond, John and Elaa Hill Desmond, Darwin and Nellie Hill, Lora Hill, Theresa, Darwin and Theresa Desmond, Elbert, Elmee and Sarah Akley, Earl and Inglee Akley; Herb and Sharon Wise remembering Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wise and Mr. Lawrence Baxter and Andrew Miller remembering Gene and Gilbert Miller.

Others who remembered loved ones include: Agnes Bonno and family remembering the Bonno family and Butterfield Family; Cindy Sullivan remembering Vivian and Jim Hayes and David Sullivan; Charlie and Sarah Bates remembering Bill & Lucy Bates, Nick & Mary Nichols, Paul and Cindy Fobare, Charles Nichols, Ronnie Richardson & Ross Logan; Wayne and Nancy Green remembering Francis and Dorthy Green, Robert and Winona White, Diane Phippen, Sherry Leclere, Margaret Matheny, Bonnie Spears, Jay Smith, Loretta Labaff and Duffer and Jennifer Green remembering Paul and Anita Smith, Raymond and Shirley Tucker, Francis and Dorothy Green, Robert and Winona White, Bonnie Spears, and Jay Smith

Also remembering their friends and family were Jerry and Alice Dibble remembering Jerry Dibble Sr. and Geraldine Matthie; Mark and Lori Richardson remembering Ron Richardson; Ardie Richardson remembering Dewey Pierce; Fay and Cindy Sheldon remembering Bill and Ardis Barnes, Franklyn and Kathleen Sheldon, Bruce Martin, Gary Grant, and Fay Barnes; -Beverly Brownell remembering Raymond and Bernice Barnes and Billy and Ardis Barnes; Rosemary and Ron Forbes remembering Charles Forbes and Bernard Weaver; Robert Pierce remembering Dewy Pierce, Lee Pierce, Margret Pierce, and Marjorie Pierce; and Dave and Judy Sanford remembering Richard Sanford and Ray Nielsen

West Potsdam Fire Responders