Where’s the kindness?
Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 12:16 pm

I just want to thank the 3 men in the Chevy truck with a plow that stopped after my husband and I went into the ditch the other night. After spinning in circles several times, our car finally came to rest in a snow bank. My husband managed to flag down an oncoming truck. When they stopped, we asked if they had a tow chain or something to pull the car out with. Instead of helping they drove away, leaving us to get ourselves out. They didn’t even ask if they could help in any other way. There was no cell service, and no houses near by. Eventually a second car drove by, but they didn’t even slow down. My husband and I managed to get out of the snow bank after about 45 minutes of pushing and digging out. Luckily, our four-month-old daughter slept through the accident and no one was injured. What happened to common courtesy and helping those in need?