Support school budgets
Friday, February 17, 2012 - 11:56 am

Do you realize how many cuts of teachers are being done? What is this State thinking of by not giving our schools money to educate our children. The state wants us to raise the standards and wants more kids to graduate but who and how does the state expect that to happen? We are looking at 30 to 32 kids as of right now in each elementary class. This is where kids are building the foundation of learning and here we are going to make classes this large. Many kids need extra help and won’t be able to get it because there is no way one teacher can possibly be able to teach her or his regular lessons and give some one-on-one to students who need it. Please write to your local assemblyman or woman and ask them to please give the school Districts more money come April. Please support your local school budget, remember our children are our future.