Seat belt law not needed
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 9:10 am

This would be another mandate from the state which more than likely will be unfunded. I drove school bus for a number of years and our children are in compartment seats that are well protect from frontals and rear crashes. Where the problem would arise is from a side impact and seats belts wouldn’t help much in that situation. Another concern such as who will monitor the students wearing a seat belt? For it to be effective a monitor would need to be on every bus. A driver has enough responsibility as it pertains to driving children safely to and from school. Another concern is an accident; if you have to evacuate a bus in a rapid fashion seat belts could be issues such as cutting all seat belts to exit the bus or children panic and have trouble undoing the belts when you need to exit rapidly from accident. So in my opinion, this is a poorly thought out law that isn’t needed.