Religious intolerance
Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 7:17 am

Intelligent and wise men like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were greatly concerned about the dangers of religious intolerance. Religious intolerance, throughout history, has led to the violation of individual rights. The intolerance and lack of acceptance in Canton is a danger to our community at large, especially when we spew hate and bitterness toward a group we really know nothing about. Circulating rumors and engaging in defamation of character is the best we have to offer our fellow humans? We must quiet our noise, foster a spirit of inclusion and wait patiently for the courts to decide. We might have gotten this one wrong. The right to believe in something or to believe in nothing at all should be afforded every American, without fear of libel and slander. Let's show the North Country that we are actually better, kinder humans than this and that we truly encourage ALL spiritual explorations the way we say we do.