Proud parent
Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 9:48 am

I am a parent who raised three children, who all have their own families and have responsibilities,. It is a task in itself to keep their heads above water and together as one family. They all hold good jobs and have good children of their own. Let’s face it, we have been through some difficult times and hardships ourselves. I believe children today a lot of times do not get recognized for their accomplishments in life. Seeing your children grow up in small communities and graduate from the same school you did as a child is a proud moment in life. With this being said, I am proud of each of my children. When you get a text from your youngest daughter telling you she received employee of the month as a child advocate -- that was amazing news to me. This same child is a wife, mother of two boys, is going to college, holds a 4.0 average in health care management and is juggling work in her schedule. Spending numerous hours with homework, time with her own family, and helping other families with special needs is something that I am very proud of. Congratulations Kala Shope of Massena. She is attending Canton ATC.