Not all teens are bad
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - 11:43 am

There have been a number of incidents in various towns lately attributed to delinquent teenagers, which obviously paint a bad picture of teenagers in general. I’ve no doubt there are lots of kids who like nothing better than to destroy or do damage, and they get lots of publicity. Unfortunately, what doesn’t get so much publicity are the stories of the teenagers who are focused on doing good things for their neighbors, and in most cases, people they don’t even know. A group of these kids belong to the Potsdam High School swim team. I’m not from Potsdam, but I’ve been involved in a few events dedicated to worthy, non-profit causes, and the group that keeps showing up is the PHS swim team; most recently at Shawna’s Walk over the weekend. They’re an impressive group of kids, who apparently don’t need someone to provide them with a place to hang out, or give them something to do with their spare time; they’ve figured it out on their own. Congratulations to these boys and girls, and to their parents; please keep up the great work! And hopefully others can learn from the example you’re setting.