No school regionalization
Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 12:23 pm

Norwood-Norfolk Community forum was once again the site of where only one side of the issue was reported. In a local paper it was reported that the attendees were in favor of regional high schools. It was more like half in favor and half opposed, but I suppose when you have a group of BOCES employees sprinkled throughout the crowd, the results can be manipulated to support your agenda. Regionalization of schools will destroy your communities, result in long bus rides for students, and does not create the opportunities for students as claimed--in fact there are less opportunities and higher discipline problems.  I challenge those who say regionalization is the answer - why don’t you show in writing the statistics that support regionalization/mergers/consolidation of schools is the most successful route to take. By the way didn’t the $200,000 BOCES study conducted last year show that area schools were not in favor of regional high schools?