New mothers beware
Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 11:45 am

Attention first time mothers: be aware of some facts about your prenatal care here in the North Country! There are very few doctors who support and uphold a natural childbirth mentality. The term “natural childbirth” itself doesn’t even make much sense. It is not a medical procedure. When the perfect time comes, your baby will come out whether you are strapped to monitors and lying flat on a hospital bed or squatting in a field in the hot summer sun. Do not allow your doctor to talk you into a risky cesarean for silly reasons like, “your hips are too narrow” or “the baby is too big” or “you’re making slow progress.” Ask your doc specific questions like, “What is your c-section rate vs. vaginal births?” You might be very surprised by their answers. Shop around. Go with who you know will allow your body a fair chance to do what the human body has been doing since the beginning of time.