Mass medication
Friday, August 17, 2018 - 9:17 am

Fluoridation of the public water is a public health threat. The act of medicating a population, against the will of a large percentage of that population, is criminal. According to advocates of fluoridation, this is a medical intervention to prevent dental caries in children, with an emphasis on the poor. While some may have good intentions, the ethics of the issue remain the same. Opponents to fluoride are not given a way to opt out of this dental treatment. According to medical ethics in civilized societies a patient's rights include informed consent for any medical treatment, which proponents suggest is the reason for the current policy. There are numerous scientists who have concluded that fluoridation poses a risk to human development, including the brain. Fluoridation of the public water supply results in lowered IQ, according to many scientists. Even if there is a chance for a decline in mental health for one child, fluoridation is wrong. There are many other health and environmental concerns related to this issue. Sacrificing brain and bone health for dental health is not a good tradeoff. The current recommendations are based on out-of-date data. Let's come together as a community and do what is best for everyone. People who want to fluoridate themselves can, even the poor. Public health policy should be geared toward making healthy dietary choices more affordable and ensuring the poor have a livable wage, not mass medication.