Enough is enough
Friday, March 18, 2011 - 12:05 pm

It’s one thing to see your team have an off year once in a while, but to watch a once great hockey tradition slide deeper and deeper into oblivion year after year is getting a little bit old. Clarkson men’s hockey was the pride of the North Country for ages, but it has been anything but for quite some time. Visiting teams used to shudder at the thought of driving to Potsdam to play the Golden Knights, but now they all look forward to it. Even the weaker teams can’t wait to come here and kick our butts now that we are one of the weaker teams ourselves. We’ve been going to Potsdam to see Clarkson hockey for something like 30 years, some of our group much longer. You can only take so many years of spending your hard earned dollars to see hockey like this. Enough is enough!