Colton 'obstacle courses' very dangerous
Monday, August 9, 2010 - 11:26 am

People on Cottage Road in Colton are concerned abut their kids, as evidenced by the “Slow Down – We Love Our Kids” signs which have appeared alongside the road. This is fine. Kids and adults need to cross the road to get to picnic and waterfront areas. My view is that conscientious people are going slower due to foot traffic in the area. Is anyone who is speeding going to be affected by extra signs? Probably not. They should be reported. What does upset me? Someone at one end of the road has been leaving a bicycle or play equipment sticking out in the road – to slow people down more? At the other end someone has orange cones partway into each lane of traffic leaving room for one car to maneuver between them. Smart? No. Safe? No. Legal? No. What would the state police think of this? No one wants anyone to get injured but making an obstacle course or causing an accident is not the answer.