Cute, funny and unusual photos of pets submitted by NorthCountryNow viewers

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Snuggle buddies

Molly, a black Labrador adopted from the Potsdam Humane Society, and Tally, a
Golden Retriever mix adopted from the Massena Humane Society are owned by Sheree Serviss, Norfolk.
"I came home and found them snuggled under the blankets," she reports.

The gloved one

Sam is a Goldendoodle from Boston. The owner is Karen McKenna, formerly from Potsdam.
He was Michael Jackson for Halloween last year.

Relaxing by the water

This is Lily, a lab mix from the Ogdensburg Animal Shelter.
She is a sweetie, according to Andy and Sandy Morrison of DeKalb Junction.

Doggy dishwasher

This is Molly, the beagle. She was adopted out because she doesn't hunt.
"That's okay by us because she's a great cuddle bug and pre-rinser,"
report Andy and Sandy Morrison of DeKalb Junction.

Vroom vroom
This is Spanky a Yorkshire terrier from Lisbon owned by Martha Patterson.

Hide and seek

Jakob Marley is owned by Chelsea Sharlow and family of Potsdam.

Pretty as a flower

Pugs Maggie and Sophie have fun in the garden. Their owner is June Rusaw, Norfolk.

Naughty boy

This is Banks with owner Tiffany Perry, of Morley.
"He was being naughty chewing on the Christmas lights, so I threw
them over his head and he did not enjoy them after that," Perry reports. 

Shall we dance?

Rougar is owned by Shannon Kentner of Waddington, who is getting a hug.

Ah, nature

Daisy is owned by David Dygert in Russell.

Sophie on the sofa

Basset hound Sophie is owned by Kelley and Joe Lacks of Fowler.

Ruger, a 3-year-old German shepherd, relaxes in "his" recliner.
He is owned by Wendy Taylor and Troy Miller of Madrid.

Santa paws

Hope was waiting for Santa. She belongs to Mike Orologio, Norwood.

Best friends

This is a picture of Haley, the rottweiler/pitbull pup (6 months old), playing with her neighbors,
Maddie (chocolate lab) and Ginger (golden retriever)!
They play everyday, sometimes all day long, according to Sue DiMaio of Canton.

A sinking feeling

Corduroy likes to drink right from the tap! Owners are Erica Tremblay and Zachary Rabideau of Potsdam.

Is it spring yet?

This is Snoopy, a five-year old Pom-A-Poo, peeking over the breakwater at Kay and
Jim Hassett's Higley property last summer. The Hassetts live in Potsdam.


Nala likes to wear ear muffs when it's chilly outside. She was adopted from the
Potsdam Animal Shelter Memorial Weekend 2010 by
David, Colleen, Natalie, Brooke, and Stuart Ayers of Parishville.

This is Lilly, a rotty/husky mix, snuggled up on a cold day with her Marine Corps blanket.
Owners are Kevin and Nicole (Butterfield) Heinle, originally from Potsdam but stationed in West Chester, Pa.

Sweet Ginger

This is Ginger, a husky/mix Mike and Janice Barr, Brushton, found abandoned in the woods.
She is a gentle giant waiting to go for her daily ride with the rest of the gang.

We're hungry!

"Mia, Jessie, and Tank were begging while we ate dinner," reports owner Teri Hamilton of Canton.

Sleeping in

This is Hanna Hawkins' dog James sleeping in on a snow day in Chase Mills.

Adopt a pet

Maddie Mae, owned by Jennifer Pike and Kyle Ames of Canton, is a mix between a black lab and a husky.
This was taken shortly after she was adopted from the Potsdam Animal Shelter in July 2007.

Sleepy time

Sara Lynn owned by Michael & Helen Harris of Norwood, enjoys her rest time.

Gentle Pete

This is gentle Pete. His personality is as sweet as he is cute, say his owners Scot & Cheri Oakes of Potsdam.

Time for a ride

Stella is so happy to be going for a ride, she doesn't mind Sierra sitting on her.
They are beloved friends of Becki Barlow-Pierce and Jim McConkey of Knapps Station.

Big hug

Purebred black lab Sangria and his housemate Toby give each other a hug.
"This is one of the rare moments that they are not chasing each other around!"
said owners Drew and Jackie McNichol of Ogdensburg.

Nap time

Sleepy Sunny is owned by Duane and Vickie of Fort Jackson

Playing dressup

Tanner is a 7 1/2 year old Pomeranian who loves to dress up.
His home is in Rensselaer Falls and his owner is Sonia Whitmarsh.

Fat cat

This is Big Bird. He is 26 pounds and he has the life. He is owned by Doug Daniel, Heuvelton.

Let's ride

Lightning was looking for a winter ride. Owners are Linda and Donald Premo of Brasher Falls.

Best friends

The odd couple, Syd (the Saint Bernard) and Thomas (the cat) are the best of friends, they even eat together--the same food!
They are owned by Andy Perkins of North Lawrence.

Comfy seat

Sully and Izzy are owners of Arnie and Launi Bush of Norfolk.
If Sully won't share the chair, no problem. Izzy will just sit on Sully instead.

Four-legged cousin?

McKenna Rafferty, daughter of Jim Rafferty and Nichole Hires, hangs out with
her best pal Ruckus while at her grandparents home in Ogdensburg.
Ruckus is owned by McKenna's uncle, Jason Rafferty, and she is the granddaughter
of William and Mary Rafferty of Ogdensburg.

Let's play

These playful kittens are ready to go to good home.
If interested, contact Warren McLear of Ogdensburg at [email protected].

Say aaahhh

Sir Lancelot lets Remington check out his teeth. These best buddies from Massena are owned by Linda Besio.

More sleep, please

Jingles, owned by Skyler Brothers of Brasher Falls, doesn't want to wake up.

Best buds

Brutus and his brother Carson are best buds. Adam Knowlton, Norfolk, submitted the photo.

Pretty puppy

Annie, a beagle/britney spaniel mix, is owned by Janessa Scott and Eric Hargrave of Madrid.
The photo was taken by Gail Bice of Madrid.

Mountain climber

This is Jacky, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, atop Mount Azure with owner Justin Forth of Ogdensburg.

For the dogs...
These Weimaraners are sitting outside enjoying the sun on a recycled couch
just for them and their paws. Parents Keish, Duke with their pups,
Buggleboy and Itszy. They are owned by Cindy Edwards and Chris in Brasher Falls.

Draped over a chair...
This is Morning draped over a chair.  She is owned by Olivia Brown of Heuvelton.

Yankee fan...
Abbie, chocolate lab, enjoys watching the Yankees play.
Abbie belongs to the Martens in Stockholm.

Which game first?
Glyn Murdock, formerly of Heuvelton, submitted this photo of a chicken taking a goat ride.

Don't touch my blankee...
Katsu is owned by Carol Paulsen, Potsdam.

Lexi of Crary Mills enjoys a catnap. She is owned by Joe Tallman and Kyla Johnston.

Curious cat gets caught in curio cabinet...
"This is our cat Tazzie. He jumped in the curio cabinet when I had the doors open.
We thought it was cute so we closed the doors and took a picture," says Tammy and John from Massena.

Ready for a ride...
Gerald Duffy's dogs get ready for a road trip in Malone. 

Patriotic Cocoa...
This is Cocoa Hough a 2 year old Lab Sheltie mix. Her owner is Danielle Hough from Waddington.
Cocoa is ready for the camping season at Coles Creek on the fourth of July.

Hammy at home...
Hammy was adopted from Potsdam Animal shelter. 
"He is a Boxer mix and our pride and joy," say Terri and Ron Clark, Potsdam.  

Loyal dog...
Andy and Sandy Morrison, Dekalb  Junction, sent a photo of Riley...
He was a stray. He was very loyal dog and a great guy.

Sitting pretty...
This is a picture of Abby, owned by Neil and Martina Kennedy,  Massena.

Here is Purrcy on St. Patty's Day. He is owned by Kim Sixberry, Potsdam.

Sun bath...
Elvis, the English bulldog, found a little sun to sleep in.
He is the family pet of the Sanderson's in Canton.

Going green...
Millie, the boxer, was in high spirits on St. Patrick's Day.
He belongs to Jeni Backus & Ray Mead, Massena

Izzy and Lilly
This is a picture of Izzy and Lilly. They are truly best friends. Izzy had the whole full size couch to lay on,
but of course she wants to be really close to her best friend Lilly.
They are the 'daughters' of Sheena McBroom and John Matheson of Morley.

Flying through the air...
It looks as though Athena is giving Zeus a boost to catch a ball.. however Zeus needs no
assistance flying through the air. They are owned by the Norrell's in Potsdam.

Snow day cruisin'
Maggie Mae, owned by the Bacon Family of Edwards, enjoys cruisin' in the snow.

Kings of the hill...
Rascal the cat and Madison, the dog pose for a picture.
They are the pets of Phil and Barb Kennedy, Massena.

Playing possum...
Kyla Johnston, Crary Mills, says, "We thought we were feeding a stray cat..
instead it was a possum!"

Tiny bubbles...
Fritz, a pure breed boxer enjoys chasing bubbles, The picture was taking in Lisbon.
He was owned by K. Golden at the time.

Warming the goat...
The Garvin family of South Colton took a photo of a goat relaxing on
the dog's bed by the woodstove.

Happy birthday to me!
Great Danes, Hogan, 1 year; and Booker, 3 years, celebrate Hogan's first birthday
with homemade dog goodies and their #1 cream at their favorite place to visit,
Grandma & Grandpa's! They are owned by Kevin and Lezlie Gray of Colton.

Best buds...
The Lucas' from Massen snapped their dogs, Harley, the Basset Hound,
and Deuce, the Jack Russell Terrior, taking a break.

Just one of those days...
Rhonda Thompson of Canton sent a photo of Muffy...having a bad hair day!

Cool cat...
Misty Seaver, Massena, sent a photo of Lazer, who is waiting for the sunshine of summer.

Nap time...
Dolly, a Cocker Spaniel owned by Rob Murray and Krista Colton of Canton,
is passed out cold on her back sleeping more like a human than a dog.

Hurry Spring!
Skyler Brothers, Brasher Falls, says his one-year old dog,
Dillion, is wating for the cold weather to go away.

Bird watching
Lily enjoys watching the birds up close and personal. She belongs to Amanada Wiley, Hopkinton.


Amanda Ames's dog, Dandelion, enjoys posing for pictures.

Thanks for sharing...
Brownie says, "Thanks for sharing the backseat and your sunglasses with me, Bubba....
It was getting a little bright out." Brownie belongs to Jeff and Mary Bonno, Canton.

Warming by the fire...
Robin Beaulieu, St. Regis Falls, sent a picture of her 4-year old German shorthaired pointer named Gracie. 
She loves to lay on her bed near the fire...and she is very spoiled.

Snow buddies...
Lucy and Ben enjoy the snow banks.Their owner is Lucinda Hart, Canton

Rabbit in the house...
Brenda Reed, Waddington, sent a photo of their house rabbit named Nillie.
She is litter trained and an awesome pet!

Who's the baby?
This is a picture of “Baby Girl”, cuddling and protecting her nephew.
She is owned by Linda and Jennifer of West Stockholm.

For me?
Karen Simpson and Arthur Mech, Cranberry Lake, sent a photo of Cooter looking longingly at 'table food.'    

Here's looking at you...
Stardust likes to play peek-a-boo with Pepper. They are part of the Garvin family in South Colton.     

Look at this face...
Does this look like a face that would do anything bad?
Sophie Mae, 9 weeks old, belongs to Jeff and Mary Bonno, Canton.

Snow dog
"Athena, our german shepherd/husky mix, loves playing out in the snow,"
says owner Gina Norrell, Potsdam.

Emmitt & Owen
Our dog's name is Emmitt and our cat's name is Owen.  They are best friends
and love to take long cuddly naps together all the time! Owners are
Megan Green and Jonathan Massic, Massena.

Ebony and ivory...
Molly and Hope like sharing a bed. They're the beloved friends of
Becki Barlow-Pierce and Jim McConkey, Knapps Station.

Our best friend
Terri and Ron Clark of Potsdam are owners of this boxer mix, Hammy, whom they
adopted from the Potsdam Animal Shelter.
"He is 1 1/2  years old and the best friend you could ever want," they report.

It's a Dog's Life
Harley the hound, just chillin’ as he does oh so well. Submitted by the Lucas’ in Massena.

Blanket baby
This is Mini-Boots. She is owned by Brandy Strate of Fort Covington.
She has a blanket fettish and can sleep under the covers for hours.

Pretty bows
Sally's mama, Jo-Ann Dygert, Canton, thinks she's the cutest dog on the planet.

Sled dog
Cajun, a 6-month-old Australian Cattle Dog, spent some time sledding this past week. Cajun is owned by Landon S. of Waddington.

What's up?
Angie Mae, owned by Michael and Helen Harris of Norwood, giving a “high five.”

Think spring
Chief, a pitbull, is own by Greg and Karin Pataky of Gouverneur.

Cuddling kittens

Kittens Lula and Panda like to cuddle. The owner is Kim Ling, Norwood.

Hear no evil

Cookie, a blue heeler owned by Scott and Rhonda Thompson of Canton, gives her "I can't hear you" attitude.

A long stretch

This is Pus In Boots, and this is how she likes to sleep. The flash woke her up,
according to her owners, Jessica Kingsley and Kendall Lamb, Norfolk.

Winter fun

Maddie Mae, who is a mix between a black lab and a husky, likes the snow.
This was taken shortly after Jennifer Pike and Kyle Ames, Canton, adopted her from the Potsdam Animal Shelter in July 2007.


Princess, owned by Gina Norrell, Potsdam, likes seafood.

Cold walk

Boomer, owned by Steven Eldridge, Massena, pauses after a cold walk on the seaway dike.

Breakin' the law

Krista-Belle, owned by Pat Matthews, Norwood, makes her first visit to the beach in Ponce Inlet, Fla.


Buster, also know as Butter Beans, decided to sleep on the mail slot above and
the mail man pushed him off onto a box. He is owned by Ken French of Massena.

Head stand

Thor, American staffordshire terrior, hangs out with his buddy outside
while waiting for owners Anne Snow and Levi Larue, Canton, to follow him out.

I got your back

Becky Duryea, North Lawrence, sent this photo of golden retriever Ginger and Andie and the bunny.
"Ginger is a retired hunting dog! And Andie is very daring!" she wrote.


This is Roland and Rita Wood's dog Osimo, of Edwards. "He really belongs to our son, Rustin,
but he moved and we kept the dog, so he is our granddog," they report.

Sleepy time

Zambooka, taking a nap, is owned by James and Katherine Sosebee, Rensselaer Falls.

Life is good

Abby, owned by Mallory James of Norwood, enjoys the sun and wind while out on the water.

Best friends
Jager (the cat) and Benelli (the dog) are a year and a half old and love to cuddle
with each other all the time, according to their owners Joe and Paige Arcet, Massena.

Cat and kitten
This is a picture of Maryse (mother) and Miss Grey her daughter. Her kittens turned out bigger than Mamma.
These cats are owned by Greg and Karin Pataky of Gouverneur.


Patrick McMillan of Ogdensburg snapped this picture of his cat Isabel.
"Not sure if she is laughing or growling!" he said.

Push over
Coco, the purebred German Shepherd, begrudgingly shares a napping spot with
her two roommates on a cold winter day. Owners are Leland and Cheri Farnsworth of Massena.

Big hug
Warren McLear of Ogdensburg took this photo of his granddaughter Baiylee with chocolate lab Nutmeg.

Cat Nap
Puss, owned by Sean LaSala of Canton, spends a lot of time on the couch.


Mike and Jen Gotham of Parishville said their pet ferret, Loki, loves Mike’s boots
and will sit in them for half an hour and watch the rest of the Gotham family animals at play.

Keeping warm
Jim Compeau (originally from Massena, now living in Loganville, Ga.) took this picture
of his beagle Miss Maggie May showing it is even cold in the south this year.

Mini me's?
Jenna Brown sent in this photo of her cat Ferret, sitting with some "companions"
on the cat-shelf on her back porch in Parishville.

The odd couple
Bambi and Ottis loved chasing the school bus together, says Hopkinton owner Phyllis Charleson.

Santa claws
Kittie was one of Santa's elves this year. She belongs to Ron Sharlow and Lisa West, Norfolk.

Ready to work
Abby, owned by Martha Patterson, Lisbon, likes helping dad on his new tractor.

Lean on me...
Pumpkin and his sister, Ladybug, like using each other as pillows during an
afternoon nap, says owner Charity Hatch of Massena.

My turn!
Misty is wondering when it will be her turn to have a chance at the ball Nuggett is enjoying!
They are the pets of the Schiavone family in Parishville.

Make a wish, Boo!

Celebrating his first birthday, Boo waits patiently for his special treat. Owner Colleen Baker of Canton says,
"Boo's an ice cream addict, so we thought it was an appropriate way to celebrate his big day."

The new babysitter

Linda and Jennifer of West Stockholm sent in this photo of their cat, Baby Girl, cuddling and protecting her nephew.

Ah, summer!

Walter, a two-year-old mix owned by Katherine Sosebee of Renssalaer Falls, enjoys warmer times.

Nice hat

Gatchie, is named after the Oswegatchie River where he was found. He is a willing model and all-around excellent pet, according to the Brown Family of Heuvelton.

Ruby Roo...

Patti Shirley shared this photo of Ruby Roo, a Bennett Wallaby from New Zealand.
Ruby owns a family in Louisville and is spoiled rotten.

Just Jack

Donna Planty, Norwood, sent a photo of her dog Jack. . . he's a lot of fun,
very loving and playful, he's the best!!

Friend or foe?

Ferrets Loki and Blue, which Mike and Jen Gotham of Parishville, got over the summer,
were very curious about Hunter, their Golden Retriever. The dog was a little uncertain
at first, but they all get along wonderfully, the Gothams report.


Who's that?

Cassie the "beagador," owned by Kari Martin and Michael Baxter of Waddington,
looks smart wearing a hat crocheted by Kari.

Keeping fit...
Misty Seaver of Massena says her cat Zippy enjoys playing on the Wii Fit.

Present peeking...
This is Samantha (Sammi) under her Christmas Tree, guarding the presents.
Submitted by The Dockums, Norwood.

My mouse...
Mr. Bean is a lilac point siamese who is 15 years old and belongs to
Robin Beaulieu, St. Regis Falls.

Purr....fect pose
Bob Pritty, originally from Gouverneur, and now living in Congress, Ariz., says
his cat Nuggett, is thinking of a modeling career.

Poodle pals
Lucy and Great, Pat and Arnold Dunn's standard poodles enjoy
 vacationing in Florida, a nice break from their home in Potsdam.

Chillin' in Chase Mills
Sledge the boxer, owned by Desera Clary of Chase Mills, chills out.

Give her a hand
Lucy, a five-year-old St. Bernard owned by Rebecca Shirley of Louisville, is holding a hand.
Don't worry, it's not real!

My brother, the hamster
Po enjoys cuddling with her hamster brother, Mr. Nibbles,
according to owner Amanda Ames of Potsdam.

What a life
Pumpkin, furry friend of Scott Dafoe, Massena,
was recently relaxing on the couch watching some TV with remote nearby.