Beautiful fall day in Heuvelton

David Zufall of Lisbon took this photo recently on a beautiful fall day on the Cline Road in Heuvelton.

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Opinion: Spurbeck will give fresh look for District 10, says Potsdam resident

To the Editor:

Dear fellow Village of Potsdam neighbors in Legislative District 10 of St. Lawrence County. Brenda Spurbeck is one of the candidates who seeks the legislative seat for...

Opinion: Talent, hard work are more important than experience, says Potsdam resident

 To the Editor:

Greg Storie's opponent insists that her experience makes her the better candidate for our county court judge. When I first heard that, I immediately thought of a famous...

Opinion: League of Women Voters of St. Lawrence County advises voters to have a plan for Election Day

To the Editor:

With less than two weeks until Election Day, I hope that by now all registered voters have a plan to vote. Having a plan is more than usually important this year because...

Opinion: Prepare for uncertain outcome on Election Day, says Potsdam resident

To the Editor:

President Trump has spent the summer and fall openly criticizing mail-in voting, and suggesting that if there is not a declared winner on November 3, that would be evidence...

Opinion: Canton justice fair, careful in her decisions, says Canton man

To the Editor:

Long-time attorney Rosemary Philips, Canton's incumbent town justice, is a life-long Democrat and has the most experience, qualifications, and education in the law to be re-...

Opinion: Invoking black on black crime is dog-whistle racism, says Potsdam resident

To the Editor:

Readers of the “Letters to the Editor” section of this paper encounter with tiresome regularity, attacks on the Black Lives Matter movement. Often, such letters are badly...

Opinion: Potsdam man wonders what Trump thinks of Americans?

To the Editor:

If President Trump calls America’s war dead “suckers” and “losers” then what do you suppose he thinks of the rest of us?

Jim Benvenuto


Opinion: Garner’s service would be great asset as legislator, says Potsdam resident

To the Editor:

As a 15-year resident of Potsdam, I am writing to urge support for Margaret Garner Haggard for the St. Lawrence County Legislature’s Tenth District.

Margaret is a...

Opinion: Vote for the world you want, says Canton woman

To the Editor:

What sort of future are you hoping for? What kind of world do you want your children to grow up in?

Do you wish that the US could have avoided what is now well over 8...

Opinion: Knapps Station resident wonders why anyone would vote for a career politician?

To the Editor:

What is the driving force behind a Democrat who will vote for Biden?

It's now been officially proven with clear unequivocal evidence that Biden looked America in the...

Opinion: Foster will be a judge of the people, says SLC Conservative Party chairman

To the Editor:

I have been a businessman here in Canton for 58 years, and it is with honor to give my personal endorsement to Rachelle Foster to be the next elected Town of Canton justice...

Opinion: Spurbeck brings needed healthcare expertise to SLC, says Morristown woman

To the Editor:

I am writing to urge the voters in St Lawrence County Legislative District 10 to vote for Brenda Spurbeck.

Brenda, who is a nurse practitioner, will bring a much...

Opinion: Haggard has character required to serve constituents needs, Norfolk man says

To the Editor:

As we consider our votes for the upcoming election, it can be difficult to identify fact from fiction, guilt from glory or the real differences between left and right.


Opinion: SLC judge candidate fighting for Second Amendment rights

To the Editor: In response to “Choose...

Opinion: Stefanik praises Trump’s poor performance, says Colton woman

To the Editor:

Rep. Elise Stefanik speaks highly of President Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump admitted to Bob Woodward in February the virus was “deadly stuff...

Opinion: SLC Arts thanks festival sponsors

To the Editor:

Each year on Canton’s Village Green, the Remington Arts Festival Art Show & Sale takes place to celebrate the life of Frederic Remington.

This year, the annual...

Opinion: Canton town justice should be expert lawyer, says Pyrites woman

To the Editor:

I will be casting my vote for Rosemary Philips for Canton Town Justice on November 3rd. Philips is running on the “Fair and Just” independent line near the bottom of the...

Opinion: Ogdensburg resident shares lessons learned from COVID lockdown

To the Editor:

It seems I'm locked in to see and feel if there is God. Humanly speaking, I hope God won't mind. I am only (Mathew 18: 1-5) a little child on the lap of Jesus. Hope he won't...

Opinion: Hammond will fight for healthcare needs of SLC, says Massena resident

To the Editor:

Alex Hammond is running for New York State Assembly in the 116th Assembly District and he has my vote!

Alex Hammond has been fighting alongside healthcare workers like...

Opinion: Optical device found in Hannawa Falls

To the Editor:

On March 3-4 a small black case containing a single eyepiece ocular device used for birding etc. was found on the ground off County Route 59 (Back Hannawa Road). It was...

Opinion: SUNY Potsdam athletic director says health is more important than sports

To the Editor:

Today's announcement concerning the cancellation of the winter sports seasons is something none of us involved with the SUNYAC or college athletics wished for. Not many...