Raccoons in Russell

These raccoons keep an eye on life down below as photographer Greg Locke snapped a photo earler this fall.

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Opinion: Honor and respect something earned, not given, says Potsdam man

To the Editor:

The proper honorific for our member of Congress is “The Honorable Elise Stefanik.” There is a serious disconnect between this honorific address and the behavior of Ms....

Opinion: Is change at hand on Colton Town Board, asks Colton resident

To the Editor:

Picking up feathers from the carpet at Town Hall in Colton on Wednesday, November 16 caused me to reflect that birds of a feather flock together on our local Town Board. But...

Opinion: Gouverneur man provides his views on kilowatt usage

To the Editor:

Anyone who believes that the "average US home" consumes 572 kWh every day should be highly recommended to go back to school and learn basic math and physics. Unless you are...

Opinion: Two Potsdam churches thank PACES Food Service

To the Editor:

The Potsdam Presbyterian Church and Trinity Episcopal Church thank Terri White and Patrick Gray of the PACES Food Service at SUNY Potsdam.

PACES supplied the cooked...

Opinion: Madrid-Waddington graduate issues high praise for former teacher

To the Edtior:

Like many Mad-Wad grads, I had Hal for 9th grade Earth Science and 12th grade Physics. I am pretty sure it was early on in Earth Science when I returned home to my family...

Opinion: Colton resident says he attended chaotic Colton Town Board meeting

To the Editor:

I am writing regarding the November Town of Colton Board Meeting. Below is a recounting of my recollection of the meeting. Colton has a Town Board comprised of all new...

Opinion: Something amiss about per kilowatt-hour, says Potsdam man

To the Editor:

In a recent letter, Tracy Haggett-Sloan makes the point that National Grid is trying to profit from selling electricity, stating that it “charges 20.02 cents per kilowatt-...

Opinion: Don't blame farmers for solar concerns, says DeKalb Junction resident

To the Editor:

I would like to address the concerns that were raised at the meeting on November 28 in Canton pertaining to solar panels. First, our culture is swimming in a sea of...

Opinion: Let's live within the cycles of nature, says Potsdam woman

To the Editor:

In response to Letter to Editor - Switch from animal agriculture to plant-based, says Potsdam man (Nov. 18).

If we look through the history of lab created, factory...