Potsdam DPW super honored

Potsdam Village DPW Superintendent Jim Corbett, left, was honored with an outstanding service award by Village Administrator Greg Thompson at the village meeting Jan. 3. Corbett will retire from the post on Jan. 14. For more, see story here. NCNow photo.


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Opinion: Let's inform the public of COVID consequences, costs, says West Stockholm resident


My letter last week was intended FYI and not as a letter to editor. Matt Denner of County Emergency Services, and my Legislator Suzanne Fiacco (Stockholm) are both working very hard to...

Opinion: West Potsdam man says stop blaming all Dems; wants equal criticism

To the Editor:

When exactly does criticism become hate speech? I find it hard to understand Ms Hodges’ logic when I read the same mantra of “criticism” she describes over and over.


Opinion: Get screening, vaccination during Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

To the Editor:

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know cervical cancer can be prevented with screening and HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination? The Cancer Prevention in...

Opinion: Thank you to everyone who supported the Waddington Methodist Church Angel Tree

To the Editor:

The year 2020 was a particular hard year for everyone and when it comes to the children, even harder.

They don’t understand the idea that Santa won’t be coming this...

Opinion: Let's start judging the Democrats in office, says Rensselaer Falls man

To the Editor:

Ms. Hodges closing remark in her recent letter states "...We could all move beyond this Trump obsession." I hearty agree! The Democrats and news media sorely miss having...

Opinion: Support local businesses that want to help, say three St. Lawrence County men

To the Editor:

Going about my abbreviated weekly routine of grocery shopping, bottle return, hardware store, auto repair shop, feed store, bank, diner, I find an array of inconsistent...

Opinion: Let's move beyond the Trump obession, says Massena woman

To the Editor:

Criticism isn’t always "hate." Unless that’s what you believe it to be.

When your parents or a priest told you not to be selfish, did you think they hated you? Or when...

Opinion: Canton man believes courtesy, decency will get us through

Editor's Note: In response to Jan. 11 titled Opinion: Provide children with environment for optimism and hope, says Massena woman.

To the Editor:

Paula Henry suggests we should relax...

Opinion: Provide children with environment for optimism and hope, says Massena woman

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter as a concerned parent, educator of 18 years and a citizen of our community. For the past two and a half years, we have been following guidelines and...

Opinion: Lingering mess with Ogdensburg Fire Department to continue, says Ogdensburg resident

To the Editor:

Here we are, a new year, but the same lingering mess here in Ogdensburg, with certainly more to come. Pretty much every important relationship the City has, has been damaged...

Opinion: West Stockholm man expresses concerns about hospital closures

Editor’s Note: The following letter, dated Jan. 10, was addressed to Matt Denner, director St. Lawrence County Emergency Services.

I appreciate the conversation we had a week or so...

Opinion: Norwood letter writer voices displeasure with NCTW non-post

To the Editor:

Editor’s note: This letter was in response to our decision not to post a picture of Bugs Bunny saying the word ‘no’ in response to another letter written by David Bolesh...

Opinion: Too much power in too few hands, says Canton resident

To the Editor:

Kathy Hochul proclaimed on January 5 that “the days of the governors overriding the rightful roles of the legislature are over.” Since when? On September 27, the newly...