Ogdensburg road cleanup.png

Roadside cleanup in Ogdensburg

Julie and Ally Bush of Ogdensburg, daughter and granddaughter of James W. Manchester who submitted the photo, collected recently trash on Yankee Street Road where they live. James W. Manchester | Submitted

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Opinion: Ogdensburg Garden Club's 'Garden Gifts Galore' event a success

To the Editor:

The Ogdensburg Garden Club held a successful "Gardens Gifts Galore" Auction on Friday May 6,2022. The proceeds from this fundraiser will be used for the many city gardens...

Opinion: Students in SUNY Potsdam grant writing course say thank you

To the Editor:

Students in SUNY Potsdam’s COMP 322 Grant Writing course would like to thank two local professionals who spoke with us about their work in the nonprofit sector. We appreciate...

Opinion: The Great Replacement as old as America itself, says Morristown man

To the Editor:

“Civilization’s going to pieces…The idea is if we don’t look out the white race will be – will be utterly submerged…It’s up to us, who are the dominant race, to watch out or...

Opinion: Macomb resident wonders when will be it be enough?

To the Editor:

When is enough enough? When does anti-immigrant rhetoric become enough?

When does “I am super MAGA” become enough? When does allegiance to one’s party and twice-...

Opinion: Massena Hospital Auxiliary thanks public for the support

To the Editor:

The Massena Hospital Auxiliary would like to thank everyone for their support and donations to the spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Because of your support and donations, this...

Opinion: Clarkson Garden Club plant fundraiser a success

To the Editor:

This year our Perennial Plant Annual Fundraiser was held on May 7 at the Strutt your Mutt event at Pine Street Arena. This was organized by Alycia Maynard of the Potsdam...

Opinion: Rensselaer Falls man expresses his views on abortion

To the Editor:

Ms. Storey-Welch quotes the Bible out of context, attempting to show contradictory evidence to those of faith regarding the unborn. Luke 1:40-42 re-affirms the sanctity life...

Opinion: Let's stand up for racial justice, encourages Colton woman

To the Editor:

On May 14, in a horrifying crime, a teenage white supremacist sought out a predominantly Black neighborhood in Buffalo to assault, then he murdered ten people in a grocery...

Opinion: Stefanik has turned into an ultra-MAGA, asserts Potsdam man

To the Editor:

Elise Stefanik rose to national prominence with her full-throated defense of President Trump in his first impeachment, so one should hardly be surprised to hear that she has...

Opinion: Colton woman expresses thoughts on abortion

To the Editor:

As I left home in 1969 at the age of 18, my grandmother counseled that should one of “my friends” become pregnant unexpectedly, there was a recipe to end the pregnancy, but...

Opinion: Owner of 'EmBears moving; last local show July 15-16 in Potsdam

To the Editor:

I hope you are ready...here it comes...a great big Thank You and Hug to all in the North Country for your support and patronage over the past 20+ years. A lot of stuffed...

Opinion: Support an angry mom in Assembly primary, says Ogdensburg woman

To the Editor:

Don’t mess with an angry mom.

A lot of us learned that as children.

That’s why I am voting for Susan Duffy in the Republican Assembly primary on June 29th....

Opinion: Keep your bans off others' bodies, says Potsdam man


Opinion: Massena woman issues praise for nurses

To the Editor:

May 6th-May 12th is Nurses Appreciation Week. I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the wonderful, hard-working nurses who serve our...