Waddington tracking dogs ready to help hunters with lost game, says owner
Thursday, September 19, 2019 - 5:31 pm

Tracking dogs Luna and Kunox, owned by Tom Rausch of Waddington, are available again this hunting season for tracking lost game. Photo submitted by Tom Rausch.

WADDINGTON -- Hunting season for bear is now open, with early bow season for deer following on Sept. 27 and Tom Rausch with his tracking dogs Luna, and Kunox are back for their 5th tracking season.

Rausch said if hunters can’t find their game after shooting, they can call or text him at 315-854-2044.

Hunters should mark the hit site, then clearly mark the trail to the point of loss.

To increase your chances of a recovery, back out without grid searching.

Hunters unknowingly step in blood and grid searching spreads scent everywhere, making it harder for the dog to get past that point. If in doubt, back out and call, says Rausch.

Hunters will need permission from neighboring property owners before Rausch, Luna, and Kunox go on their property.

The tracker and his dogs are willing to travel 1.5 hours each direction from Waddington.

This is a free service, said Rausch, but a donation for gas is appreciated.