St. Lawrence Valley SPCA begins long-term fundraising campaign
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 2:37 pm

OGDENSBURG -- The St. Lawrence Valley SPCA is beginning a long-term campaign to put the group on a firm financial footing.

The shelter, on the Ogdensburg-Canton Road, receives no money from the county or state, and depends on private donations for over 75 percent of its budget.

The shelter also provides support and vouchers for the county-wide spay-neuter program, including coverage for Potsdam, Canton and surrounding townships as well as the Ogdensburg area.

“We changed our name to the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA several years ago to reflect the fact that we are not government supported,” said Karen Cunningham, president.

“Support from many generous people in the community has helped us build on and improve the shelter,” she adds.

“What we are looking for now is for supporters in the community to consider donating to the shelter by including us in their estate plans,” Cunningham said. “The monies contributed in this fashion to the SPCA will be invested and used to provide a sound future.”

Shelter supporters can consider starting the way she did, Cunningham says. She first sat down with her lawyer, and then drafted a will making the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA one of her beneficiaries.

“Where there is a will there is a way to support the shelter,” says Ingrid Baltradis, SPCA board member.

“Many people donate regularly to us with small annual donations. We depend on that to keep the shelter going, and every dime we spend is carefully considered. By including the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA in their wills, our supporters can also help put the shelter on a long-term sound footing,” Baltradis adds. “Over the past decade, many estate gifts both large and small have helped us build and improve the shelter.”

For a brochure and additional information, call Tim Wright, 394-0493.