St. Lawrence NYSARC merges with Jefferson County agency to form new entity
Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 2:35 pm

The ARC Jefferson - St. Lawrence New York have completed the process of unification. The agencies, formally known as St. Lawrence NYSARC and Jefferson Rehabilitation Center, merged to “enhance both agencies’ ability to support people with developmental disabilities,” the new entity said in a news release.

“ The shared expertise of staff will benefit thousands in the area as the organization makes positive changes that will improve choice and services,” according to a press release from The Arc Jefferson – St. Lawrence.

“The staff members in both counties are to be commended for their diligence to make this unification successful,” Howard Ganter, ECO of The Arc Jefferson – St. Lawrence, said in a prepared statement. “It has taken 15 months with hundreds of hours spent on meetings, document review, and planning to accomplish this monumental task and we look forward to further growth in 2019.”

The Arc Jefferson St. Lawrence serves over 2,000 people with disabilities, with the support of over 1,300 staff and an annual budget of close to $70 million. Between the counties, there are 51 residential sites, two work centers, seven Day Habilitation site-based programs, Federal contracts at the border stations and Fort Drum, two UPS stores, and many community-based programs.

The Board of Directors for The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence merged with directors in the following roles: Brian Marcolini, President; Jackie Sauter, Vice-President; and Janet Steele, Secretary/Treasurer.

The two foundations from both counties will operate separately and have their own boards of directors. Funds donated to The Foundation of St. Lawrence NYSARC will support the St. Lawrence County part of the organization and funds donated to the JRC Foundation will support Jefferson County.

All money raised by these respective foundations “will remain in the county of origin to further local programs, services, and supports,” the release said.

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