St. Lawrence County CDP’s new Community Action Angels to help those who 'fall through the cracks'
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - 6:24 am

A new program, Community Action Angels, will seek out individuals and families in St. Lawrence County to help with their needs that may not be met through other means.

Alicia Murphy, the newly appointed coordinator of the program with the county’s Community Development Program, said volunteers are being sought.

Murphy says that frequently, working families that do not meet the income or other guidelines for services are still unable to get by when faced with difficult circumstances.

In these cases, the Community Action Angels Program might be able to help.

The Community Action Angels Program is a statewide initiative, with “angels” volunteering in 22 agencies across New York. The program’s mission is to work together to develop and implement special projects and programs that will compliment the talents of the volunteers, and insure that their time, talents, and resources will have the greatest impact possible on the individuals, families and communities that it is committed to serve.

The volunteers participate in community service projects, organize fundraisers, and coordinate efforts in order to generate funding and resources for this program. Last spring, for example, the program collected prom dresses and distributed them to young women who didn’t have the means to purchase them.

The St. Lawrence County Community Development Program received a grant from the Alcoa Foundation with which to officially launch the initiative.

Coordinator Alicia Murphy is recognized for her work with the Waddington Chamber of Commerce, and was this year’s recipient of the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce’s “Commitment to Community” award.

She said she is enthusiastic about the Community Action Angels Program, and is now seeking volunteers to help implement upcoming initiatives.

Those interested in becoming a volunteer for this innovative wide-reaching, and rewarding program may call Murphy at the St. Lawrence County CDP office, at 386-1102, ext. 27 or 244-1530.