Rumor spreading of man trying to abduct children in St. Lawrence County
Friday, August 27, 2010 - 9:17 am

Police agencies are dealing with rumors that a man in a white van is trying to abduct children in St. Lawrence County.

State police in Canton say they did get a report on Tuesday from a concerned mother in Parishville who told them that a grey-haired man was on her lawn talking with children and when she went to ask him about his presence, he fled in a white van.

Troopers say the mother did not get a license plate number and that they had little else to go on.

Today, there are unsubstantiated rumors that a similar incident has occurred in the Massena area, but police agencies we have contacted, and whom they in turn have spoken with, can come up with no evidence or reports that the incident in Massena actually happened.

State police say they have heard nothing about the Massena incident. The St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s office says they have been receiving calls asking about the rumored incident in Massena, but that they had heard nothing to confirm the story.

The sheriff’s office says that they in fact had received a call from Potsdam police asking about it, since they have been receiving calls too. Potsdam police confirm they have been getting calls, and asked the Massena police about it, but the Massena PD had no reports or other information to offer.

Anyone who has actual information on the matter, as opposed to stories they might have heard, is asked to call police.