Ritchie accused of false statements in Monday robocalls
Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - 9:23 am

False statements about Sen. Darrel Aubertine were made in a round of robocalls on the last day of campaigning Monday, according to New York Uprising, former New York City Mayor Ed Koch's state political reform organization.

"Some voters received a recorded phone message this week making inaccurate statements about Darrel Aubertine and his commitment to the NY Uprising pledge," said the group, which has been categorizing candidates as "Heroes of Reform" and "Enemies of Reform."

"The message is inaccurate, and has been since Senator Darrel Aubertine signed the Uprising's government reform pledge. Darrel has been designated a Hero of Reform."

His opponent in the 48th District, St. Lawrence County Clerk Patty Ritchie, is accused by the Aubertine campiagn of spreading the messages.

“Patty Ritchie today sent a recorded message to voters in Central and Northern New York that knowingly makes false claims about Darrel Aubertine. Darrel is a hero of reform and Mrs. Ritchie knows it," said Aubertine campaign staffer Drew Mangione. "Her willingness to mislead voters is sad and disturbing, to say the least."

"Common decency calls on Mrs. Ritchie to set the record straight with a call to voters rescinding the false statements she has distributed," he said.

Ritchie signed on to Koch's pledge to support reform in state politics, including backing a neutral method of reapportioning districts next term, and Aubertine signed on later.

"North Country voters can be confident that whichever candidate they choose has committed to support meaningful government reform," the organization said.

"NY Uprising takes no position favoring either candidate in this race," they said.