Ogdensburg City Police respond to 893 calls in September, including four meth lab busts
Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 8:46 am


North Country Now

OGDENSBURG -- Ogdensburg City Police responded to 893 calls to service in September, which resulted in 60 arrests.

Ogdensburg police busted four meth labs in September, bringing the total to 42 since Jan. 1. Meanwhile the investigative unit opened 38 cases in September.

According to a monthly report issued by the department, police responded to 59 domestic incidents, issued 45 traffic tickets and gave out two parking tickets.

Police also responded to 33 accidents and issued five city summonses.

The Ogdensburg Police Department serves a population of approximately 13,000, covering eight square miles, according to the city’s website.

Police handle an average of 10,500 calls per year and average 1,000 custodial arrests, 1,400 traffic tickets, and 2,000 parking summonses per year.

The department has 33 full-time employees with 28 sworn personnel and five civilians, according to the city’s website.