Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority working to address frequent false alarms at airport
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 3:11 pm


OGDENSBURG -- The Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority is working to address frequent false alarm activations at the airport after more than a dozen have been reported to police in less than a week.

Ogdensburg police have been alerted to at least 14 alarms at the Ogdensburg International Airport since Oct. 21. All of the alerts have been reported as false, and most activations have not required a police response.

In an emailed response, OBPA Executive Director Wade Davis said he could not comment on matters relating to security at the airport, but said the issue was being addressed.

Ogdensburg Police Chief Andrew Kennedy said his department is responding as needed to any alarm activations that aren’t immediately reported false. He also directed further questions to the OBPA.

According to recent police blotter reports, the alarms have been accidentally set off by employees and construction workers in the majority of the incidents.

However, it remains unclear from Davis’s comment if there are any kinks with the alarm system, or if all of the activations stemmed from human error.

The alarm system is relatively new and was installed as part of a recent expansion of the airport that allows for larger planes to land and take off. Allegiant Air now offers direct flights to Florida.

As part of the airport expansion, Ogdensburg Police contracted with the OBPA to provide security.

Details of the arrangement are not available due to the potential public safety risk, but Ogdensburg City Manager Sarah Purdy said the pay schedule will be based on costs to the city and will be solidified over time.