Norwood Library sponsoring 'fill-a-mug' contest
Monday, October 18, 2010 - 9:00 am

NORWOOD – The Norwood Library is having a Fill-A-Mug Contest.

Participants are asked to choose a theme for their mug and then fill it with items related to the theme.

The library will provide a mug to fill or participants may use a mug of their choice.

Mugs should be returned to the library by Dec. 8. Winning mugs will be chosen at the library’s Christmas Party.

A small prize will be awarded to the creators of the winning mugs.

The mugs will then be displayed and sold at the Old Market Gift Shop on Main Street in Norwood. All profits from the sale of the filled mugs will be for the benefit of the Norwood Library.

Some suggestions to get people started: Teacher’s Mug (stickers, erasers, pencils, markers), Fisherman’s Mug (lures, sinkers, fishing line), First Aid Mug (band-aids, cold pack, antiseptic cream), Embroidery Mug (embroidery floss, small scissors, needles, aida cloth).

Empty mugs are now on display at the Library, ready to be filled.