Massena chamber warns of email scam, hack they were victim of
Friday, June 14, 2019 - 12:29 pm

MASSENA — Several business, including the Massena Chamber of Commerce, have been impacted by an email scam that is going around.

The email spoof is causing fake emails to be sent around and all someone has to do is open the email. The emails seem to reference signing “DocuSign” in the subject or within the body of the email.

Local emails are being spoofed to send an email and then the receiver is hacked.

“Do not open open this email, if you have then please change your email password and check the forwarding settings,” said Nathan Lashomb of the Massena Chamber. He noted he spent a decade in IT.

“Once hacked, they will change all your emails to be forwarded to one of their own … the email will be very similar to yours,” he said.

'Once someone has clicked on 'review document” it will steal your email information including your password to hack your email and then continue sending out this spam email," said Day Snyder of the Massena chamber. "If you have been hacked, change your email and check your “email forwarding” setting. They will change it so all your emails forward to one of theirs and it will look very similar to yours."

In the case of the chamber, [email protected] and [email protected] were both spoofed and hacked earlier this morning.

“We’ve remedied the situation, but if you are still receiving this hacked or spoofed email, please call us at 315-769-3525,” Lashomb said.