Madrid tractors, Knapps Station hay bales featured in new children’s book by former Norwood resident
Saturday, November 6, 2010 - 8:14 am

NORWOOD – A local teacher, writer and administrator has authored several children’s books that feature the rural life and photography of central St. Lawrence County.

Author Catherine Steele, Ed.D., has penned books such as the “Benji the Tractor Series” which features photos of green Madrid tractors and Knapps Station and Norwood fields and hay bales. Madrid llamas appear in “Sunbeams and Rainbows.” To see the photos and read her books online, visit

Also, the acrylic art of former Norwood resident Rob Steele can be seen in her books “Color Me Yellow” and “Dreaming in Purple.” His website is

The author was an early childhood educator and administrator, writing several educational programs, supervising them and giving workshops across the country. She also wrote for the Ogdensburg Journal and the United Way in Ogdensburg.

She writes on topics found in a preschool curriculum and uses photography of family and local scenes.

The parent of 5, grandmother of 11 and a recent great grandmother began writing children’s books for her own family.