Heuvelton house damaged by chimney fire
Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 9:10 am

HEUVELTON – A chimney fire has caused moderate damage to a Heuvelton house.

Heuvelton volunteers were called out at 4:42 Wednesday afternoon and to 5240 State Rt. 812, the home of Kristie Lennox.

Ogdensburg Rescue was on the scene, along with fire departments from Morristown, Rensselaer Falls, Lisbon, Brier Hill, DeKalb Junction, and Waddington, along with a crew from National Grid.

Moving to take up standby positions were elements of the DeKalb department to Rensselaer Falls, Brier Hill to Morristown, Waddington to Lisbon, and Morristown to Heuvelton.

Only one person was reported in the house at the time. No one was reported hurt.

Firefighters kept the damage to the house from becoming more extensive.

Lennox is reported to have insurance.