Colton author’s new book based on experiences of corrections officer sent to work downstate
Saturday, February 5, 2011 - 5:20 pm

“Emily and Her Magic Mirror” has been published by Colton author Liza Williamson and illustrator Vicki Conklin.

The story is of a sad young girl, Emily, whose parents work away from home. While staying with her grandparent's Emily discovers a magical mirror and a fairy named Cali.

Together Emily and Cali go on amazing adventures into a strange world beyond the mirror. Williamson, as a stay-at-home mom after being disabled, learned to be creative and told tales of grand adventures and new worlds to her two young sons.

In 2006 she became a grandmother, and Williamson has been concocting new stories with fairies, trolls, and mermaids for her granddaughter.

When her granddaughter’s father became a corrections officer, he was sent downstate, away from his daughter.

This was Williamson’s inspiration for the story about a girl who discovers a fairy in an old vanity.